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Raiment Red and a Raven – by Linda Lou McKown

The snow reminded ancient people of the rhythm of the earth’s seasons in its final descent. They watched the birds who would roost or fly low when the temperature dropped. Earlier that day a track of blades went through a path in the woods. Others followed, packing the snow down. The mountain was almost quiet. Throngs of skiers left the runs in Aspen to eat dinner. One person stopped, set the trap, and waited for the opportune moment. Two female skiers approached. Weapons appeared, bodies fell, and blood splattered the fresh powder. The killer worried the snow wouldn’t hide two bodies. The colder air pushed the killer to leave.

Police arrived days later to find one body in the woods. Lisa Givens was dead, and Ali Zarin, a news media co-worker from Los Angeles was missing. Earlier in the day, Ali wore a long red dress in a photo shoot with a raven. The bird was enamored with the model as was the hidden person among the trees. No one saw the shadow.

The hunt for the missing woman would take Detective Moon and Constantine to Albuquerque. Unlocking secrets of a mastermind killer were the detectives usual work day. Suspects involved a taxidermist, birdman, and anyone connected to the deceased or living. Sheriff Cray, the local law enforcement officer pointed the two detectives to an older murder case at a ski resort. The sheriff and his buddy, Matlock, were friends with Grant Evans. Mr. Evans was a rich rancher possibly in love with Ali. The ranch and his properties would make excellent cover.

A wolf knows to wait to kill again.


A Wright Series Book 1
Diamonds Blondes and Poison – by Linda Lou McKown

A murderer saw Jess Jameson in the Napa darkness. His evil green con artist eyes smiled, because she opened the game door to his obsessions. Los Angeles investigator, Derek Wright, pushed beyond his normal work routine, rescued the young woman from her attempts to retrieve a diamond heirloom. Using his police network, Dean Crain’s motorboat, helicopter, and crony families, the teams worked together chasing madness from Vegas to Rio. Dean steered the course to bring the two lost lovers to mutual ground. Derek and the Poisoner were drawn by the beautiful blonde woman. The scales kept tipping away from salvation.

A Wright Series Book 2
Dead On Coordinates – by Linda Lou McKown

The Italians mistakenly searched the ocean near Africa for centuries while Louisa’s family held the key to the location of the treasure in a mahogany and brass telescope. Derek slowly unwrapped the fragile paper. The lost ship could be an insanely lucrative find, but perilous if others knew one of the coordinates was dead on. Submerging with their underwater craft was a fall-rise-fall thrill ride with more than just the creatures of the deep.

A Wright Series Book 3
Wild Golden Obsession – by Linda Lou McKown

There was a legend long ago about a woman who loved tigers. She taught them how to traverse the river to new hunting grounds. The tigers named the beautiful female, Goddess, and gave her special powers in return for her help. This story is about another young woman who, unfortunately, made a mistake when she took two rare, golden antiquities. She felt it was payment for her time. Evil people disagreed and tracked her. They were close. Imminent danger existed no matter where she lived. Caught in a field, there was no means of escape. She could see the jungle man’s teeth in her nightmare. The pungent smell of early death surrounded her. The weeds enveloped her wounded body. She called out to her golden tiger.

A Wright Series Book 4
No Easy Target – by Linda Lou McKown

Gang mentality can be a veritable force with its own justice. Minnow Surf created his own force of thugs and thieves. He was one of those people who never learned and invested in illegal activities after prison. A Miami high roller, Matin Domingo, smuggled guns, marijuana, and drugs. As a business partner, Minnow was in deep trouble when the marijuana farm burned to the ground and his other theft operations failed. The Miami gangster wanted payment or else his falcons and bodyguards would turn him into mincemeat.
The Wrights moved their one hundred sixty-foot yacht from California to Curacao for safety reasons because Minnow had threatened the family. Minnow held a grudge against Derek. The police and Los Angeles investigator, Derek Wright, waited for Minnow to make his next move. It never occurred to them that Minnow would be on a gun smuggling job in Curacao at the same time. Minnow’s twisted attempt at murder was a surprise. No one was safe from the devious and nefarious plans made by Minnow, especially, Amy, his wife. Randy Moore, with his group of motorcycle friends, and several other third parties wanted their own revenge. The final trigger was a different type of justice.

Wright Series Book 5
Powerhouse Race – by Linda Lou McKown

Racing, women, and a fast-paced life for Mic Palla was his usual norm. His hauler trailer went to Michigan, Miami, Phoenix, and Fontana. These were the final races of the season and money was there for the taking. That was until he met a young police graduate named Tiare. She was part of Derek Wright’s team investigating a mild poisoning targeted toward Mic. She was a red-haired beauty and much more than a tropical flower on a Polynesian island. Thwarting danger, a competitive driver named Dan, and Tiare’s boyfriend were the least of Mic’s problems. Winning and staying alive took precedence when accidents started happening at the tracks. There was more than one killer involved. There were former race car people, copycats, trackers, a politician, and Snake woman. Each race represented an opportunity for the killers to try again. The maze of trouble began with stolen sports cars, greed, and revenge. Interference was high on the list. There was more than the track heating up.

Wright Series Book 6
Cross Paths – by Linda Lou McKown

This book is not about the average, normal run-in that a person encounters in the world. One woman’s name is labeled and put in a police file. They don’t know her real name but know this psychopath’s molecular machinery is hardwired differently. They call her “Snake woman”. Derek Wright, the Los Angeles investigator, will cross paths, following her in a difficult labyrinth. He is obsessed about catching the thief and murderer before she can inflict more damage. The book is about surprises as she leads Derek through a different kind of pain. The circles of fate surround the players, enveloping them in the crosswinds. A heavy jolt spins her world when a small band of terrorists make their move. Her cunning, planning, and quest for gold and riches are temporarily put on hold. The dangerous snake watches and manipulates her arena. Like pawns in a chess game, her hot, boiling rage knocks the terrorists out of the game. The police can’t stop the constant flux of criminals in the ever-changing game of theft and deception. Only the lucky will survive the final round.