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Gray Area for a Woman – by Linda Lou McKown     
 Synopsis - Book 1


Penelope King joined the Los Angeles Police Department as a detective. She’s young and single with a past. Liam Knight is one of her trainers who is only interested in a recruit following his orders. Her other older trainer is Hugh Farris who doesn’t exactly get along with the single lead Detective named Liam. Hugh’s marriage is sound, and his playboy days are over. The three work together on a case that takes them around multiple players and twists in the road. When it appears that the murderers will walk away with over fifty-five million dollars in insurance and skip out on jail term, the detectives get creative. Danger lurks around every corner from bullets to snakes, and fire starters. Liam and Hugh need help and call in a retired detective named Dodge along with a police dog. In between the mess is the District Attorney’s interest in Penelope and Hugh’s nosy neighbor creating more trouble. The tension between Penelope and Liam creates a bond between them that becomes unbreakable.


Pink Sky in the Morning – by Linda Lou McKown
Synopsis - Book 2


Penelope and Liam Knight return to Los Angeles from their honeymoon to work on a strange case. The detectives disagree from the beginning on how to approach the murders. Four of the dead people worked for the Beeker Star Ships Company. They interview the owner, Paul Beeker, who called them regarding a container break-in. One of his tanker ships, the Star Caroline II, was the target. After the interview, the police monitor the Beeker’s and their warehouses for possible illegal activity. They believe somehow either the Beeker’s or others are responsible for the deaths and the shipping of illegal products from Mexico. They’ve narrowed the products to high-tech, military-grade drone parts. The plan to catch the drone thieves takes winding turns when Cathy, Jane Beeker’s sister, identifies with an extremist gang involved in the drones. The drone parts are hidden in one of many tanker containers. Finding the right container and criminals appear impossible. Subterfuge and bluff become necessary. The detectives don’t always hit their mark. Frustration mounts and causes more problems than solving murder cases.